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Certification as an ARCH Designated Professional or Program.

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The ARCH Professional Designation

Practicing professionals and programs can earn a certification acknowledging your training, experience and commitment to values and professional contribution through the ARCH Professional or ARCH Program designations.

With this designation, you earn a seat in a specialized community of practice, where we gather as thought leaders to learn, teach, inspire, expand ideas and possibilities, and elevate the work we all do. 

As ARCH Professionals, we are committed to creative, continuous learning personally and professionally through discussion and feedback in a values-based community of worldwide thought leaders and colleagues.

The designation, which can be obtained as an individual or for your organization, indicates training, experience, and practice in a professional area.

ARCH Professional Areas of Expertise

The designation enables you to join the ARCH communities of practice where we learn, contribute, and practice with one another as leaders in our professional scopes of services. 

SEEN through Coaching

SEEN through Education

SEEN through Horses

SEEN through Mental Health

SEEN through Organizational Development

ARCH Professional Communities of Practice

Participation in the ARCH Professional designated community of practice involves a commitment to both learning and contributing to the learning during the year – serving, supporting and uplifting one another in our shared creative, continuous learning. 

The ARCH Professional designation is renewed annually.

During the designation year, your commitment involves at least one hour in each of the 5 areas below that would be done during the group’s community of practice calls and online sharing:

    1. Learning 
    2. Contributing 
    3. Case mentoring
    4. Facilitate virtual SEEN session 
    5. Participate as a client in virtual SEEN session 

Engaging in the ARCH Professional community of practice, we inspire one another as worldwide leaders in innovating, contributing, and learning; vulnerably looking at ourselves and stretching each other to grow professionally and personally.

How to obtain the ARCH Professional Designation:


Join as an annual or organization ARCH member


Complete the online ARCH foundation training (included with your ARCH membership) plus in-person or online interactive experiences


Submit the ARCH Professional Designation Application as an individual or organization


Engage with the community of practice


Renew annually

Interested in learning more about the ARCH Professional designation?

Stay in touch and download a brochure about the ARCH Professional designation.

We look forward to learning with one another in the ARCH Professional communities of practice!

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