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Develop your own unique style.


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Get lasting results, faster.


Be Supported

Feel inspired, respected & valued.


Learn By Doing

Develop your own unique style.


Transform Lives

Get lasting results, faster.


The ARCH community is beyond inspirational and validating! The facilitation framework is productive, profound and safe. I am very excited to be a part of this community.

Equine Professional

It’s a struggling world out there.

It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed, exasperated, and weary about how to help your clients.

We get it – we’ve all been there.

  • burned out professionally & personally
  • frustrated with a system beyond capacity
  • uninspired with the choices available to facilitate real change
  • lonely in a field with a lot of uncertainty in the world.

The truth is, we need a new way to help our clients, that also energizes us.

Introducing The SEEN™ Keystones

The SEEN™ Keystones: ARCH Facilitation Framework

It’s the story mindset that enhances psychological safety for your clients, deepening and accelerating the process.

Whether applied in the office or virtually, or in experiential environments with horses, animals, and nature, our facilitator training will:

    • enrich your work
    • support your drive for excellence
    • develop your authentic style


See an immediate, transformative effect in the clients you serve.

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What Others Are Saying...


This was an amazing training! I have been certified in another equine-assisted therapy model since 2016 and while I enjoy the model, there are definitely some aspects that are missing which I believe this training completely captured. I also love the online platform!

Mental Health Professional


This is a wonderful facilitation training and the framework is unlike anything else I have ever seen or been a part of. I was surprised that it was really fun! I enjoyed getting to know the people involved. I was surprised at how much I got to learn from them while only being on zoom. Lynn and her team are exceptional people.

Specialist & Therapeutic Riding Instructor


Thank you so much for this incredible foundation course! The content shared, the additional resource links provided, being able to watch actual sessions with the wonderful debrief afterwards – what a beautiful opportunity to deepen learning and understanding of the ARCH approach.

Equine Professional


The ARCH framework offers the client the opportunity to tell their story in a supportive environment and invites facilitators to go through that journey with them. It feels very authentic and genuine and allows the session to flow easily. It works so well with children of all ages.

Qualified Mental Health Professional for Children


The story came out exactly as it needed to come out. I wasn’t being asked about “tell me about your childhood.”

It didn’t feel forced. It was also really revealing. This was very different. I feel fortunate to have had this experience. It’s really special.

ARCH session participant

Carrie Melear

I love ARCH so much! I appreciated the SEEN through Horses module! It was awesome to see the difference in the sessions between Abena and Matt. I truly appreciated watching the struggles that came along with it. It’s neat to be in an observer role of a different team’s full session. You have created a phenomenal way to learn and grow! 

Equine Professional

Facilitator Workshops & Group Trainings

For a deeper dive, consider these at an additional investment. Special pricing for members. Prerequisites may apply.

SEEN Through Story Workshop

Develop your skill set and resources for your “tool box” In this acclaimed LIVE Online workshop, emerge your own style while learning from seasoned veterans utilizing the SEEN keystones in facilitation. Take your practice to a whole new level.

ARCH Global Annual Gatherings

Join us for a Global ARCH Annual Gatherings! Come connect, inspire, and practice with one another while applying the SEEN & HERD keystones. This experience is in an environment with nature, animals and horses, with plenty of flow & great fun!

SEEN Through Horses Training Retreat

Breathe new life into your equine-assisted work. Learn to apply the SEEN framework through horses. Expand your services & attend one of our in-person training retreats. Prerequisite applies. CEUs awarded. Come learn how to change lives through story & horses.


SEEN Through Story Interactive Tool

An engaging interactive tool your client’s will love – and so will you. It’s a new era of mental health & coaching. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be all pain. Ideal for telehealth & virtual coaching, use the tool one on one, or with teams. Enliven & energize your sessions.

What's At Stake?

The cost of going it alone is:

  • more overwhelm
  • more stagnation
  • more of working in the traditional ways.

For as little as $25 per month, you can join the best, cutting-edge mental health & online learning to support you and your work in the world! 

Whether in the office or virtually, or in arenas with horses, animals and nature, your clients will progress faster, safely.

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