Arenas for Change

Pioneering a New & Revolutionary Framework of Facilitation.

Arenas for Change

Pioneering a New & Revolutionary Framework of Facilitation.

Learn a revolutionary new way to BE as a facilitator of mental wellness.

Not only will you bring more effective, faster & safer results for your clients, you will come into a natural flow that builds momentum, and catapults you into a business you love.

Feel rewarded by the work that you do.

Demand Has Surged.

1 in 5 Americans suffers from major mental illness; anxiety affects 284 million globally.

Life Coaching is a $2.85 billion industry, but only 27% make it past one year.

80% of educators are burned out. Overwhelming workloads, large class sizes, unruly kids.

Therapists, coaches & educators are clamoring for effective solutions to keep up with the unrelenting demand for their services,

That’s where the ARCH framework of facilitation comes in.

Why Create ARCH?

ARCH was created by a group of seasoned mental health, coaching and organizational development facilitators who were curious about how to …

  • Deepen and accelerate the transformation process
  • Increase emotional safety
  • Enrich the great work professionals are already doing

What We Created

Arenas for Change (ARCH) is a friendly, inclusive, non-judgmental gathering place, for those who want to learn and be part of an amazing, values-driven, thought-provoking community.

Through the power of story, we discover, explore and apply concepts in facilitating learning and change.

Applied in environments with horses, animals, and nature, in the office and virtually, ARCH facilitation impacts lives in meaningful ways in all areas including:





  • Experience a big mind shift.
  • See clients transform easier, faster, and safer.
  • Grow your business and make a bigger impact.

Getting lasting results in a fun and uplifting way.

I was burned out professionally and personally. I was so tired all the time I felt relieved when a client canceled an appointment. I want to acknowledge the commitment of the ARCH Founding Members & core team. I like that all of our input was genuinely considered. Thank you very much – I look forward to this new journey & to my future.


The SEEN™ Keystones

Through utilizing ARCH’s four keystones, SEEN, facilitators support clients feeling emotionally safe, seen and heard during learning and transformative experiences.

Sense of Self (SOS)

SOS is understanding who we are and why we are doing things. How we show up in all arenas, and in every interaction, impacts everything and we work to be aware of it from the start. It influences what we see and hear, how we perceive it, and how we intervene and engage.

Through SOS, we are preparing ourselves to have an interaction to support others in the process. Our ongoing awareness, understanding and intentional application of our SOS is a foundation for effective work.

Empowering Mindset

Empowering Mindset is a belief in our clients’ innate capabilities to grow, learn and access their unique strengths and gifts. As facilitators, we engage with the client in a collaborative mindset, and support them as the expert in their own lives. They are the author of their story and we are open to the possibilities of where the story goes. Through a choice-oriented environment and empowering facilitation, we provide a safe and intentional space for client’s personal resources to be activated, to be who they are and to make uniquely personal decisions.

Externalizing Story

Our stories influence our quality of life. We have the power to learn from and rewrite those stories. Externalizing means we can experience our stories through symbols outside of ourselves. By creating space and distance from and within our stories, we see new perspectives, in an emotionally safe way. We can see, hear, touch, relate with and move the characters in our story, which changes our internal experiences and behaviors as well. When our stories change, we change.

Natural Flow

Flow is movement. Natural flow is when a path is followed moment to moment creating a rhythm, cadence, and momentum. It is a conscious intention and a state of mind which impacts the natural fluidity of the session and each of us in the process. Flow is about acceptance and being in the present. By accepting, bridging, and building upon each moment, stories unfold in an optimal, organic and connected way. Flow enhances everything.

What Members Are Saying

I had chronic anxiety prior to session and now I have an ability to return to calm after moments of anxiety and to remain calm in the face of my boss’s anxiety. I sleep better and feel better overall.

ARCH Session Participant

I want more!

ARCH Session Participant

The Foundations Course was fantastic and very healing going through it. I really enjoyed the format and sessions, especially hearing feedback from all of you and the client.


Foundations is fun, it flows, and clients are opening up in ways we’ve never seen!

Mental Health Professional

Values as the Foundation

We are all teachers and all learners.
ARCH is founded on values that identify who we are and purposefully strive to be in all we do.

Creative continuous learning.

It is about lifelong learning with creativity! In order to be creative and learn, you need to be in a state of constant flow. The flow of brainstorming, stretching ourselves, and openness to other perspectives. It is constant because even when blocked, we keep wrestling with and working on it – questioning, pondering, and digging deeper to expand our thoughts. We are willing to build on one another’s ideas and end up in places we don’t initially imagine. By setting a stage of constant flow and creativity, we keep on learning and growing every day.

Serving others based on respect.

It is accepting others for who they are, letting go of our personal agendas to truly be open to the other. Listening and “yes, and’ing,” we build a culture of collaboration. This requires that we are willing to be vulnerable and explore our SOS (Sense of Self) as that impacts our actions and relationships. We recognize others for who they are and look to add value to their lives at every encounter.

Lighthearted humility.

It is having the courage to see our truth and then add a balanced touch of humor (grace), let it go, and try again. While we do serious work, and we are professional, we also know how to be genuine and not take ourselves too seriously. This combination sets the stage for acceptance, and emotional safety, which allows us to be who we are. This is why we can be authentic.

Integrity while trusting and enjoying the process.

It is being honest with ourselves and others, and no matter the situation, sticking to our values, even when difficult. We trust that if we stay aligned with our values, it will work out. We want to both trust and enjoy the process. We strive to have a positive focus and cultivate a growth mindset. With shared values, we uplift one another and find joy in the journey through relationship and connection.

If this aligns with you, please join us!

Ways to Learn SEEN

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ARCH Foundations Course: The SEEN Keystones

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The starting place to learn SEEN.
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SEEN through Story Workshop

SEEN through Story Interactive Tool

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SEEN Through Horses Training Retreat

Who’s Who - Behind the ARCH scenes:

ARCH Producers

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Lynn Thomas

Chief inspirational Leader


Kara Staheli

Chief of all things that keep us going


Jacque Baumer

Chief of expanding our horizons


Janet Crandall

Chief financial everything

ARCH Creators Team

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Sharon Boyce

Loves the literature


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Deep thinker

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Amanda Graham

Wise presence


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Highly Sensitive Artist


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Always trying it out


Annie Ricalde

Quiet strength and brilliance

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