ARCH Online Training

Your ARCH Membership includes a full library of facilitator training through our online self-guided courses.

Integrate story, animals and nature to energize your practice.

ARCH Online Training

Your ARCH Membership includes a full library of facilitator training through our online self-guided courses. Integrate story, animals and nature to energize your practice.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

ARCH Online Learning is Different

Dive into our online courses, where each lesson is not just a task to complete, but an engaging and thought-provoking journey.

There’s A Genuine Buzz Among Our Learners

Even if you’re not a fan of online learning, our courses are designed to change your mind. Our courses come alive.

  • Never get bored with our rich mix of videos
  • Get more understanding with insightful reflections
  • Be supported with a treasure trove of resources

All tailored to make your learning experience both enjoyable and rewarding.
Join us, and be pleasantly surprised about how much you love our approach, and experience a way of learning online that’s enjoyable, impactful, and far from the ordinary.

The latest innovations in facilitation for as little as $25 per month.


Thank you so much for these incredible courses! The content shared, the additional resource links provided, being able to watch actual sessions with the wonderful debrief afterwards – what a beautiful opportunity to deepen learning and understanding of the ARCH approach.

Heather Jeffrey
COO, Acres For Life

Your ARCH Membership Course Library

Uplevel your skill.
Make a bigger impact.

ARCH Categories of Courses

Your learning starts with the Foundation Course and expands into other areas of interest and specialization.

Foundation: The SEEN Keystones

Elevate your practice through the SEEN keystones of the ARCH framework.

Icon for Generally Seen

Generally SEEN

Build upon the knowledge you’ve gained in the Foundation Course.

Icon for SEEN through Horses

SEEN Through Horses

Apply the ARCH framework in environments with horses.

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SEEN Through Virtual

Engage your clients in online sessions utilizing the ARCH story framework.

ARCH Foundation: The SEEN Keystones

Elevate your practice through the grounding keystones of the ARCH framework.

Start Here.
ARCH Foundation Course:
The SEEN Keystones

This course offers an engaging introduction to the ARCH facilitation framework and the SEEN Keystones. With 9 hours of interactive content, it’s designed to spark inspiration and invigorate your business approach.

As a foundational facilitator training within ARCH, it not only teaches you key concepts but also provides practical insight by showcasing these concepts in real-world sessions.

Available in English and Spanish.

9 hours
Provides 9 mental health CEU’s through ASWB and APA

Key Concepts Practitioners Will Learn in the Foundation Course

  • Mastering mindful self-awareness and applying personal insights in real-time during facilitation.
  • Strategies for crafting a truly collaborative and empowering environment with your clients.
  • Enhance your effectiveness with a story mindset and foster emotional safety for your clients, ensuring they feel seen and heard.
  • Utilize tools for optimal, organic session flow to maximize impact with your clients.

The facilitators debrief after each chapter provided deep insight.

The Foundations Course felt much more experiential than most online instruction somehow. Hearing the client herself describe her experience of the process was enlightening. This framework is naturally transformational!

Janice Ford

Icon for Generally Seen

Generally Seen

Courses that enhance your learning in the Foundation Course

Healing Culture through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Discover trauma-informed principles and their alignment with the SEEN keystones. Learn how to apply these in professional and personal interactions to support healing without triggering trauma responses.

Essential for facilitators, this approach helps heal individuals and communities, creating positive impact through a trauma-informed connection.

2 ½ hours

Grounding the ARCH Facilitation Framework Constructs in the Literature

The ARCH framework is based on and adapted from therapies and theories that have been tested and supported by research.

This course provides a deep dive of an academic review of the ARCH facilitation framework structure.

The paper provided in this course identifies primary sources of scholarly and research-informed articles to support the concepts integral to the ARCH facilitation approach. A helpful resource for researchers and students.

Downloadable paper.

Icon for SEEN through Horses

SEEN Through Horses

Horses can be especially powerful story editors.

SEEN through Horses: The HERD Keystones Course

Designed for facilitators who integrate horses into mental health, coaching, or educational sessions.

The HERD keystones align seamlessly with the SEEN keystones, offering horse professionals and team members insights on co-facilitating effectively with horses within the ARCH framework.

This training focuses on the roles of the horses and equips facilitators with the skills needed to ensure physically and emotionally safe sessions for both clients and horses.

4 hours

Terminology for Equine-Assisted Services

Learn the best practices in utilizing optimal terminology when integrating horses and other equines to enhance well-being.

Stay current with the latest updates and insights on how to effectively conceptualize and clearly describe your services.

3 hours

Matt Sessions

Experience three transformative mental health sessions incorporating horses featuring client Matt, as he courageously addresses trauma and anger rooted in childhood abuse and bullying.

Gain valuable insights from a facilitator panel, delving into the thought processes and application of the SEEN keystones.

5 ½ hours

Andrea Sessions

Embark on a journey through two powerful mental health sessions incorporating horses, with client Andrea as she navigates the complexities of trauma stemming from her battle with cancer.

The series also includes a facilitator panel, delving into the strategies and application of the SEEN keystones.

3 ½ hours

Icon for SEEN through virtual

SEEN Through Virtual

Engage your clients through applying the ARCH story framework in your online sessions.

Barbara Sessions

The ARCH story framework is a powerful, engaging tool for online therapists, coaches, and educators.

Barbara experienced a trauma impacting her career. Watch her progression over 4 virtual sessions as she works through the trauma to save her career.

Our facilitators use the ARCH framework with interactive visuals, showcasing a remarkable transformation.

6 ½ hours


Loved the courses! I really appreciated the videos of client sessions and the facilitators’ discussions of their processes for each session. It was a refreshing and wonderful process to observe. I appreciated the beginning of the course structure. The reflections were thoughtful questions and the use of the Ted talks and videos and photos helped to understand the concepts and ‘why’ more clearly. I like the format of the courses and the fact you can view them again as often as you want.

Carrie Melear
TASC Coordinator

Organization Memberships

Access for your entire team.

Say goodbye to waiting for the next in-person training—now you can efficiently and affordably train your team year-round.

By becoming an organizational member of ARCH, your team gains unrestricted access to our comprehensive membership resources and online courses.

The online courses may be taken individually, in each team member’s own time, or choose to incorporate course lessons as part of group staff training experiences.

Through ARCH membership and online courses, your team will delve into impactful facilitator learning, enhancing both client interactions and organizational effectiveness.


We’re thrilled with the openness and growth opportunities that ARCH has brought to our team.

Our goal was to immerse our team in the ARCH framework, and we were excited about the prospect of our staff training and developing together. ARCH has opened up numerous opportunities within our organization, and we’re eager to continue our growth journey alongside ARCH!

Valerie Lozano
Founder, Warhorse Ranch

ARCH For Students

Our program is perfect for college students interested in blending their love for horses, animals, and nature into their mental health, coaching, education, or equine studies.

We team up with universities to offer students discounts, making it easier and more affordable to get top-notch training for extra coursework and credit.

Comments from Our Courses

“It is a very intelligent course that takes the learner through in both a layered and logical way. Great!”

“I just tried out what I learned! It was amazing! Our client struggled with opening up until now!”

“What a beautiful process. I have loved every moment of this Foundations course that came with my membership. Thank you!!”

“Thank you for all the wonderful training and resources. I am truly amazed by it and the depth of teaching it provides. The videos of sessions and then the debrief with facilitators is incredible training that brings the theory alive.”

“I really appreciated the interactive aspects of the online course. The articles and video clips added a lot.”

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