Breathe New Life Into Your Work

In the ARCH SEEN through STORY experiential online workshop, gain a fresh perspective & learn ways to accelerate your client’s progress.

Breathe New Life Into Your Work

In the ARCH SEEN through STORY experiential online workshop, gain a fresh perspective & learn ways to accelerate your client’s progress.

Overcome blocks and move your clients forward.

Add new tools to your toolbox supporting change

Provide an engaging and impactful process

Have fun co-creating stories with clients

Ever feel like you or your clients are stalled or blocked?

In this Arenas for Change workshop, you will learn 7 powerful story tools that will expand and move your clients' stories in a safe and energizing framework.

This ARCH workshop was the most fun online workshop I have ever done! 

Unlike other workshops leaving you feeling like you are not as good as the rest, or that you didn’t get any useful information from it, ARCH is so interactive giving you a real feel of community and support. 

I was about to throw in the towel, and now I have a fresh perspective on how I can help my clients with this powerful framework. 


Who This Workshop is For?

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Life Coaches
  • Educators
  • Equine professionals working in mental health & learning services incorporating horses

This workshop isn't about storytelling.

We aren’t teaching you how to be a better storyteller. Rather, the SEEN through Story interactive workshop will teach you to:

  • Utililize a story mindset to bring new perspectives for you and your clients.
  • Co-create stories with your clients, supporting them as the authors, for personal growth and life transformation. 
  • Implement tools to expand and move your clients’ stories in life-changing ways.
  • Apply a story lens that empowers your clients in feeling truly seen and heard.

Bring about transformation in an engaging, safe way – in any arena.

What’s Different About This Training?

  • Co-create client stories incorporating nature & animals either through pictures or in-person
  • Create your own personal growth story to practice the tools
  • Join conveniently online for a live, interactive and experiential workshop 
  • Conducted like an informal retreat with discussion, break-outs, and time to practice

This workshop was great! I was worried about staring at a screen for so long, but the content was so engaging, it felt like I was in a therapeutic writer’s room.

I now want to learn everything I can to implement this in my life. I truly loved this course.


This workshop will change you - both personally and professionally.

In this interactive, online workshop you will:

  • Feel inspired and rejuvenated as a facilitator
  • Learn facilitation skills that have an immediate impact on your session engagement and effectiveness
  • Increase emotional safety in your sessions
  • Learn and apply 7 new tools to impact, influence, and move your clients’ stories forward in engaging ways
  • Practice and experience the ARCH’s SEEN keystones and story mindset through building your own story
  • Engage with the ARCH community in creative, continuous learning in our shared drive for excellence

How It Works

  • A two-day immersion class where you are SEEN and heard
  • 10 hours of interactive learning experience
  • Practice 7 new story tools you can use immediately in your practice
  • Access to leaders who have “been there” and can give you the tips and help you need
  • 10 Mental Health CEU’s offered to fulfill professional licensure requirements

Your Investment

Increase your confidence applying effective, life-changing story tools to energize you and your practice. 

 Only $425 USD 

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What Others Are Saying

The ARCH Framework is applicable in every area of life! 

I appreciate that it was experiential and took the time to build awareness of the nuances. It’s amazing how much we accomplished with only one set of nature pictures. What a great way to unpack layers of meaning (story). I am in awe of the power of using stories.


Learning to use the SEEN Keystones was great! 

I didn’t expect to find lighthearted humor within the serious nature of the subject, like helping others through personal trauma, but it helped me become better equipped to handle future needs. I appreciate everyone taking the time to help others learn from their experiences.


Assistant Barn Manager

I LOVED IT even the second time around!  

I was amazed at how fast the transformation happened.  The experiential part and the material worked well for online. The ARCH moment happened without me directing it or controlling it. Now that is transformation! The ARCH values and keystones are the RX for life.

Psychotherapist, Minister

The workshop was outstanding! 

I have been continuing to process traumatic events from my past that was adding difficulties in providing pastoral care. I saw the benefits of equines in therapies and wanted to provide that to others. 


This workshop was very encouraging and eye-opening!

I am naturally sensitive, so I never even considered removing emotions from the analysis. Breaking a story down as a writer/reader was very effective. I really loved the workshop. 


Horse Trainer

I felt like I was seen and heard in this workshop. 

We were given ample time to work through and process my own story while simultaneously learning the facilitation framework. In past workshops of this nature I felt like I could only do one or the other.



The stand out difference in this workshop is the community!

Fun learning, safe, collaborative, togetherness, engaging and enlightening.  I love how all the pieces came together.  Thank you for this wonderful experience. I learned and enjoyed every minute!

Equine Specialist


I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and highly recommend it!

As an educator for over 30 years, I still learned so much in this workshop. The facilitators had so much wisdom backed by experience. It truly opened my eyes to the power of the ARCH Framework. 

Retired Educator

The openness of the presenters fostered an open environment. 

Using the language while talking through things in my breakout group allowed me to feel the natural flow building as we continued to work together.

Retired Educator, Filmmaker

More Soundbites

It was surprising how powerful simply talking about a picture and examining it from different angles can be.  All of my relationships, including my marriage, have benefited from this experience as well.

Ranch Foreman

This workshop was very engaging. Everyone had a voice and it was light hearted and fun.  It was easy to open up with the people in my small group. We had some really deep conversations after such a short time together.


I’m amazed at how much we got out of an online zoom call using photos of animals.  The experiential part was powerful! It was great! Thank you for a great learning experience!

Masters in Social Work

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