Breathe New Life Into Your Work

In the ARCH SEEN through STORY experiential online workshop, gain a fresh perspective & learn ways to accelerate your client’s progress.

Breathe New Life Into Your Work

In the ARCH SEEN through STORY experiential online workshop, gain a fresh perspective & learn ways to accelerate your client’s progress.

Overcome blocks and move your clients forward.

Develop your skill set

Emerge your own style

Have fun with others

Ever feel like you or your clients are stalled or blocked?

This Arenas for Change workshop gives you the tools you need to break through.


I felt like I was seen and heard in this workshop and given ample time to work through and process my own story while simultaneously learning the facilitation framework. In past workshops of this nature I felt like I could only do one or the other.


Who This Workshop is For?

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Life Coaches
  • Educators
  • Equine professionals working in mental health & learning services incorporating horses

Learn from leaders and their unique perspectives

  • Add to your skill set and “tool box”
  • Integrate this framework into your own practice
  • Emerge your own authentic style
  • Get clarity about where a client is in the process
  • Understand why questions might not get a response

Bring about transformation – in any environment.

What’s Different About This Training?

  • Co-create client stories incorporating nature & animals either through pictures or in-person
  • Join conveniently online for a live, interactive and experiential workshop
  • Conducted like an informal retreat with discussion, break-outs, and time to practice

This workshop will change you - both personally and professionally.

In this interactive, online workshop you will:

  • Feel inspired and rejuvenated as a facilitator
  • Learn facilitation skills that have an immediate impact on your session engagement and effectiveness
  • Increase psychological safety in your clients’ sessions
  • Learn tools to impact, influence, and move your clients’ stories forward in engaging ways
  • Practice and experience the ARCH’s SEEN keystones and story mindset
  • Engage with the ARCH community in creative, continuous learning in our shared drive for excellence

How It Works

  • A two-day immersion class where you are SEEN and heard
  • 10 hours of interactive learning experience
  • New tools you can use immediately in your practice
  • Access to leaders who have “been there” and can give you the tips and help you need
  • 10 Mental Health CEU’s offered to fulfill professional licensure requirements

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Only $450.
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What Others Are Saying


This workshop was great! I was worried about staring at a screen for so long, but the content was so engaging, it felt like I was in a therapeutic writer’s room.

I now want to learn everything I can to implement this in my life. I truly loved this course.


I love how this Story framework dovetails with not only equine members of the therapy team, but everything inside or outside the space. It’s inviting to clients of all ages and offers way more flexibility for the practitioners. I enjoy having more interaction with the facilitation team during sessions.

Judith Lancaster
Regulatory Specialist

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I am tasked with coaching, communicating, and resolving conflict with employees and clients. I have been frustrated and uncertain with how to proceed with clients. This process affords so much freedom to adjust to changing situations and puts the client at ease in a “non-clinical” setting. It was surprising to me how powerful simply talking about a picture and examining it from different angles can be. This is a fantastic learning aid and was in itself a very therapeutic exercise. All of my relationships, including my marriage, have benefited from this experience!

Ranch Foreman

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I have felt overwhelmed and lacking in confidence to move forward, but also excited about learning a new approach. When I took this story workshop, I realized how much we can get out of an online zoom call without the horses, but using photos of animals.  It actually helped me magnify the power not in just horses, but the experiential approach through choice of animal, and exploration of the experience of the animal. It was great! Thank you for a great learning experience!

Masters in Social Work


I’ve been following ARCH for a couple of years and saw the workshop ad on FB.

I’ve been dissatisfied with the lack of fresh innovative approaches and my enthusiasm for equine assisted had been zapped. I’m so happy to have attended.   It was good to connect with others here in a way that would normally take a much longer period of time.  I’m looking forward to attending a live workshop in the future. Thank you for a fulfilling workshop!

Behavioral Health Provider, LCSW

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This workshop was very engaging. I liked the fact that everyone had a voice and it was light hearted and fun as well. I enjoyed the laughter and the stories of course!

It was a great workshop and it really makes me want to go back and watch all of the sessions again with Matt, Andrea, and the other woman now that I have new information and can observe from a different vantage point.


ARCH Holly Ohlson

The stand out difference in this workshop is the community, fun learning, safe, collaborative, togetherness, engaging and enlightening.  I love how all the pieces came together.  Thank you for this wonderful experience. I learned and enjoyed every minute!

Equine Specialist

I was a bit anxious as this was my first workshop. I love it!! It was super interesting and the time flew by!

I can’t wait to use this framework in my practice.

Equine Specialist

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Feeling unfulfilled, blocked and frustrated is no way to live.

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