Warhorse Ranch

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Warhorse Ranch

Warhorse Ranch is an equine therapy ranch devoted to reducing the risk of suicide in veterans, first responders, trauma survivors, and individuals of all ages who are struggling with their mental health. At Warhorse Ranch we combine the healing power of horses together with time in nature to integrate and settle the experience, which for many is truly transformative in a way that “talk therapy “cannot offer.

So why partner with a Horse for healing …….the nervous system of a horse and a human are the same, in that we respond to perceived danger with fight, flight, or freeze! We humans will often get stuck in our heads replaying a traumatic event, while the horse lives in the present moment, not stuck in the past.

Partnering with a horse provides us an invitation to be present, to be our authentic selves, to reset the nervous system to the present, and let go of stuck or held trauma.

Founded by Mike Lozano a combat veteran, and Valery Lozano a retired federal law enforcement officer in 2020, Warhorse Ranch offers a peaceful and secluded setting for healing and life-changing journeys to begin.


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21850 County Road 56, Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
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