Surviving 2 Thriving Manual


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This manual, Surviving 2 Thriving: A Horse-Human Intervention Promoting Flourishing, Meaning and Hope by Sharon Boyce, provides an 8-week program that provides facilitators with a wonderful curriculum creating opportunities for human stories to flourish.

The intervention draws on evidence-based existential positive psychology and experiential learning activities involving horses and nature through the Arenas for Change (ARCH) facilitation framework.

Each session comprises psychoeducation, experiential learning activities, group processing, and home-based activities. The manual provides an introduction to the theoretical frameworks, as well as a full listing of references.

While the manual focuses on experiential activities with horses, the information in this manual can be easily applied to any environment, population, and age-group. It provides wonderful tools and resources in the area of positive psychology for you and your clients.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Session 1 = Getting to know the story
  • Session 2 = Getting in touch with emotions
  • Session 3 = Making values-led choices
  • Session 4 = Discovering personal uniqueness
  • Session 5 = Feeling good despite life’s difficulties
  • Session 6 = Building a sense of connectedness and belonging to a community
  • Session 7 = Exploring meaning and purpose in life
  • Session 8 = Celebrating a life worth living

Upon purchasing the manual, a link to a pdf will be emailed in the order receipt that you can utilize to read and print. If any problems getting that email, please let us know.